Susan Frizsell presents Playful Education! 

Susan Frizsell presents Playful Education! 


Rave Reviews from Directors and Educators: 

Gordon JCC Preschool Workshop 8/2022

“Susan did a great job, her enthusiasm and passion were magnetic” 

“Susan was so much fun. I remember why I love to teach, remember why I love to share fun times with children!” 

“Susan was very knowledgeable, so enthusiastic and was into what she was doing” 

“The instructor was fabulous ! Please do more workshops.” 

“Susan is very talented and funny!”

“I loved her sense of humor”

“She makes the session fun and engaging”

“She was fabulous!”

“Susan was very interesting and I enjoyed her literacy recommendations and ideas. STEAM ideas were awesome!” 

“Ms. Frizsell was absolutely awesome!” 

Ivanetta H Davis Early Learning Center Workshop  8/2022

“ This was probably the most fun I have ever had at a training”

Catholic Diocese Preschool Rocks Conference 7/2022

“Susan is a gifted presenter” 

“Susan Frizsell is amazing!” 

“I love Susan and her storytelling”

“I love Susan’s energy” 

“I love Susan’s joy for teaching. She shared wonderful resources” 

‘Susan was wonderful-so informative and happy” 

“Ms. Susan made the class exciting and put a twist on learning”

St. Henry’s School Story Time 2/2022

“After the Many Moons story time you did, you taught the kids the word Flabbergasted and challenged them to use it. They used it in conversation for a whole week afterwards!” 

Glen Leven Preschool Workshop 1/2022 

“Susan did a great job in giving us so many ideas to teach children with hands on items that are from or about kids books!”

Mid Cumberland Head Start Virtual Workshop 1/2022

“The best training in a long time”

Holly Stone :Early Learning Professional Development Coordinator for MNPS 12/2021 Interactive Holiday ST

“What an amazing experience (Interactive Holiday Story Time) for the students, I absolutely love it. Having a problem for them to solve makes it immediately interactive and engaging. And so many great literacy skills, infused with cultural appreciation and diverse perspectives of the holiday season.Such a fantastic idea!”