Susan Frizsell presents Playful Education! 

Susan Frizsell presents Playful Education! 


Rave Reviews from Directors and Educators: 

Gordon JCC Preschool Workshop 8/2022

“Susan is very talented and funny!”

“I loved her sense of humor”

“She makes the session fun and engaging”

“She was fabulous!”

“Susan was very interesting and I enjoyed her literacy recommendations and ideas. STEAM ideas were awesome!” 

“Ms. Frizsell was absolutely awesome!” 

Ivanetta H Davis Early Learning Center Workshop  8/2022

“ This was probably the most fun I have ever had at a training”

Catholic Diocese Preschool Rocks Conference 7/2022

“Susan is a gifted presenter” 

“Susan Frizsell is amazing!” 

“I love Susan and her storytelling”

“I love Susan’s energy” 

“I love Susan’s joy for teaching. She shared wonderful resources” 

‘Susan was wonderful-so informative and happy” 

“Ms. Susan made the class exciting and put a twist on learning”

St. Henry’s School Story Time 2/2022

“After the Many Moons story time you did, you taught the kids the word Flabbergasted and challenged them to use it. They used it in conversation for a whole week afterwards!” 

Glen Leven Preschool Workshop 1/2022 

“Susan did a great job in giving us so many ideas to teach children with hands on items that are from or about kids books!”

Mid Cumberland Head Start Virtual Workshop 1/2022

“The best training in a long time”

Holly Stone :Early Learning Professional Development Coordinator for MNPS 12/2021 Interactive Holiday ST

“What an amazing experience (Interactive Holiday Story Time) for the students, I absolutely love it. Having a problem for them to solve makes it immediately interactive and engaging. And so many great literacy skills, infused with cultural appreciation and diverse perspectives of the holiday season.Such a fantastic idea!”