Susan Frizsell presents Playful Education! 

Susan Frizsell presents Playful Education! 




“Miss Susan has been to our school since going out on her own and has been wonderful.  She is an amazing storyteller and brings an important message to children.  I highly recommend her.” Kathy Davis, director Brookhollow Baptist Day School 

Shadow Story Land 

Favorite songs and classic stories are all mixed up right before the show, which leads to a very silly shadow puppet story time! Kids must help by directing Ms. Susan to put the correct characters back in order. Ages 2 and up!

Community Helpers: The Stonecutter Story 

Kids help tell the story of the Stonecutter, who wasn’t happy with his job no matter how many of his wishes were granted to be bigger and better. Gratitude for community helpers is discussed at the end. Ages 3 and up

Groovy Joe, Ice Cream and Dinosaurs!

 Toddler friendly story play time! Roar, dance and sing along with Groovy Joe as he tells his story about when dinosaurs came to visit. Ages 2 and up 

Tooth Fairy Training Camp

The Tooth Fairy needs help and is looking for trainees! Everyone takes turns being sleepers with teeth to collect and tooth fairy’s to collect them. Each child gets to keep their wings and a toothbrush! Ages 2 and up

The New Year Dragon Dance!

Usher in your new year with good wishes and luck with the Dragon Dance! Create a dragon, learn the colors and their meanings. Then dance and play instruments while performing the dragon dance for new year luck. Ages 2 and up!

Pirate Adventure

Lost treasure, sailing a ship in a storm and battling sea monsters! Who can resist the life of a pirate? This exciting adventure includes a pirate hat for everyone! Ages 2 and up

Can’t decide which Story Play Time you should choose? Book all three for a 10% discount! 

Story Play Times are exactly as they sound. A story it told, with either a simple power point with photos or a word held up with a prop for vocabulary skills. Students all have items to help tell or act out the story. Every child is engaged and learning!  

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