Susan Frizsell presents Playful Education! 

Susan Frizsell presents Playful Education! 


Adventures for Religious Based Programs 

The Easter Story 

Students will be read the book He is Risen: Rocks Tell the Story of Easter by Patti Rokus. Then, each student will recreate a scene from the book using natural materials such as rocks, sticks, and leaves teaching narrative skills and using the sense of touch to remind them of the story of Jesus. Butterfly’s are released as a surprise ending, every child receives 1 butterfly. Ages 3 and up

Need a story play time visit for your religious program? 

No reason why we can’t play our way through bible stories as well! Here are two holiday based adventures, one telling the story of the three kings journey to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and the other the story of Easter. Both very popular, so book early! If you wish to have a story time created around a specific story, JUST ASK. 

The Story of Babushka 

It is Christmas Eve and Babushka is busy cleaning and cooking as usual, until she gets some VERY special visitors who stop in to rest. They are so impressed with her hospitality they invite her along on their journey to meet the new born king. Will she go? Ages 3 and up